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Financial Planning

Prosperity in life comes through growth and we encourage our clients to grow their wealth on a daily basis. Buying a new home, starting a family or planning for retirement, we will review your current financial position, measure any financial risks and strengthen your protection solutions as required.

You can start preparing today with our 5 Steps to Get Ahead:

How to get your finances to a better place in
7 easy steps


Say hello!

Let’s get to know each other – usually, this is done via an initial phone call.


Complete financial planning questionnaires

to allow us to understand your position, requirements, and objectives.


It’s time to meet

Now we’ve been introduced, we can talk about the finer details for your financial plan.


No two plans are the same

We’ll get to work on tailoring a financial plan just for you, using our understanding of your objectives and goals, along with the market situation and our research partners.


We present our Statement of Advice to you

and go through in detail our financial planning strategy for you.


Get you there!

We implement your strategy once we receive your approval to proceed. We submit your applications and liaise with the product providers on your behalf.


Review and revise

We’ll make contact annually to invite you for a review of your financial plan, ensuring it remains in line with your goals and objectives.

Estate Planning

Creating an estate plan, means your children or other loved ones won’t be burdened with making tough decisions on your behalf. At iFinancial, we regard estate planning as family wealth management and protection. We manage succession strategies for wealth down the line and focus on what’s important to you – your family.

In arranging your affairs, it’s fundamental to plan your estate to ensure your assets are inherited by the people you intend, and that they attract as little tax as possible.

The iFinancial estate planning process:

  1. Identify and prioritise the objectives of your estate​
  2. Work through any sensitive issues surrounding family
  3. Asses your circumstances and available options
  4. Develop a strategy and formulate your estate plan
  5. Take advantage of our ongoing review service and adjust your plan as required

Budgeting & Managing Debt

Knowing your lifestyle is an important step to your future financial plans. At iFinancial, we’ll help you apply a plan to eliminate inefficient debt and accelerate investment growth, so you can reshape your financial landscape.

Our advisors will help calculate and forecast an appropriate plan to fit your individual requirements, so you will feel confident in the way you manage your funds and have peace of mind that your affairs are under control.

Tax Strategies

Do you have a financial tax strategy? We’ll review your financial affairs, including your income, tax position, superannuation, investments, and salary package options to help you achieve your financial goals. We work proactively with your accountant, or with our affiliates, to ensure your assets and investments are structured tax-effectively.

Whether you’re an employee, sole trader or business, it makes sense to be prepared at tax time. Call us today to:

Wealth Creation

Once our wealth management team understands your investment goals and appetite for risk, we create a wealth portfolio to match. We look at where you are now and where you’d like to be in your wealth journey. We look for opportunities to either enhance your existing wealth accumulation plan or create a new one.

We also structure investment plans to save for things like retirement, school fees or a home deposit. We help you structure your investments in a way that is tax-effective, but also meets your ongoing cashflow requirements. Our qualified financial advisers help you make appropriate investment choices, focusing on personal estate assets such as Property, Shares and Investments.


Clients often struggle to decide the best option to preserve and protect their funds while also seeking to balance their personal objectives and financial needs. Our asset advisors carefully consider your goals and objectives and assess your risk tolerance, before crafting a strategy allocating your hard-earned capital to an investment solution. We provide access to a wide range of investment options and establish an investment review approach that’s in line with your strategy. 

Wherever you are on your financial journey, we work with you to ensure the most effective use of your income and assets, conducting thorough due diligence to maximise financial opportunities, whilst reducing risk.


If you were unable to work for three months or longer due to an accident or illness, could you meet your ongoing expenses? We work with you to protect your income and assets if you suffer a serious illness or accident so you can be confident your family will be taken care of.

Learn what types of insurance products will best cover the things you value and help protect the ones you love.

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