Helping you grow, protect and manage your wealth

Financial Planning

Prosperity in life comes through growth and we encourage our clients to grow their wealth on a daily basis. Buying a new home, starting a family or planning for retirement, we will review your current financial position, measure any financial risks and strengthen your protection solutions as required.

You can start preparing today with our 5 Steps to Get Ahead:


The best way you can transition to a meaningful retirement is to plan for it. At iFinancial we help you understand what you can achieve and work with you to find strategies to boost your retirement savings and ensure you have enough money to meet your lifestyle needs.

Retirement is a significant life change and creating a pathway that supports your newfound freedom and independence is imperative.

Estate Planning

Creating an estate plan, means your children or other loved ones won’t be burdened with making tough decisions on your behalf. At iFinancial, we regard estate planning as family wealth management and protection. We manage succession strategies for wealth down the line and focus on what’s important to you – your family.

In arranging your affairs, it’s fundamental to plan your estate to ensure your assets are inherited by the people you intend, and that they attract as little tax as possible.

The iFinancial estate planning process:

  1. Identify and prioritise the objectives of your estate​
  2. Work through any sensitive issues surrounding family
  3. Asses your circumstances and available options
  4. Develop a strategy and formulate your estate plan
  5. Take advantage of our ongoing review service and adjust your plan as required

Budgeting & Managing Debt

Knowing your lifestyle is an important step to your future financial plans. At iFinancial we align your personal goals with financial goals to achieve financial freedom and quality of life. Effectively managing your finances is critical to put you in control of your money, rather than it being control of you.

Our advisors will help calculate and forecast an appropriate plan to fit your individual requirements, so you will feel confident in the way you manage your funds and have peace of mind that your affairs are under control.

Tax Minimisation

Do you have a financial tax strategy? Our advisors will review your financial affairs, including your income, tax position, superannuation, investments and salary package options to help you achieve your financial goals.

Whether you’re an employee, sole trader or business, it makes sense to be prepared at tax time. Call us today to: