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Superannuation forms a crucial part of a successful retirement plan, yet surprisingly for many people, it’s often treated as an afterthought. With our superannuation specialists, we assist clients plan their superannuation strategy, forming part of their highly important retirement plan. There are several financial strategies that can be utilised to ensure you are making the most of your super to achieve the retirement you’re dreaming of. With this goal in mind, contact us to understand what your retirement picture looks like and how to put a super plan into action to help get you there.


The Age Pension is a payment / benefit designed to provide income support to older Australians who need it, while encouraging pensioners to maximise their overall incomes. Many pre-retirees assume they can rely on the Age Pension when they retire, however as part of your financial plan, it’s important to know if you are eligible and how much you could receive. Your pension may be reduced based on other investments and income you may have. At iFinancial, we determine your eligibility, including reviewing your assets and how this may affect your payment and build the pension into your overall retirement plan.

Social Security Entitlements

Centrelink is the Australian government program that provides a range of payments and services for people at different times of life, including retirees / pension recipients. We work with retirees and pre-retirees to incorporate Centrelink (if eligible) into their financial plan. Contact us today, to find out how we can manage Centrelink on your behalf or assist you along the way as you need it.

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