Insurance to keep you flexible in life!

Insurance Protection

If you were unable to work for 3 months or longer due to an accident or illness, could you meet your ongoing expenses?
Learn what types of insurance products will best cover the things you value and help protect the ones you love. Our insurance professionals can provide affordable, quality life insurance solutions to help protect you from the risks of everyday life.

Life Insurance

Life insurance protects your family and dependents by paying a lump sum if you pass away, or in some cases, the benefit can be paid earlier if you are diagnosed as being terminally ill. It is important to work out individually how much cover you need, but the lump sum payment can be used for goals such as repaying your mortgage, credit cards and other debts, generating an ongoing income stream for your family to meet their future living expenses and setting aside money for future education costs for your children or grandchildren. Without insurance, your family may also find it difficult to maintain their standard of living.

Income Protection

Income Protection Insurance protects you by paying an ongoing income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. The cover pays an ongoing monthly benefit to protect your lifestyle by replacing your lost salary so you can continue to meet your living expenses and debt repayments, and protect your wealth by reducing or removing the need to sell assets to generate cash. Without insurance, you may need to run down your savings, sell assets, and/or rely on family. You may find it difficult to maintain your standard of living or pay for the care and medical assistance you need. This can place extra stress on your recovery.

TPD (Total Permanent Disability)

TPD insurance protects you and your family by providing a lump sum if you suffer a permanent disability arising from an illness or injury and are permanently unable to work. Usually there will be a requirement for you to have been off work for a period of at least three or six months before a claim can be considered. iFinancial can assist setting up your insurance policy and ensuring you have the correct type of TPD, as well as making a claim on your behalf.

Business Protection

For business owners, a Business Succession Agreement (or Deed) funded by insurance helps protect all owners and their families by enabling timely and orderly transfer of ownership in the event of death, total and permanent disability or critical illness or injury of one or more of the owners.

A successful strategy has two components: a business succession agreement and a funding mechanism. It is important that these two components are structured together. Acting as your financial planner, iFinancial will work with your lawyer and accountant to establish your business succession agreement and means of funding. The stability and comfort this forward planning offers to all stakeholders in the business, is invaluable.

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