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You should consider these questions before heading down any financial pathway.

What should I consider before investing in property?

Your top three considerations – time, energy and capital.

1. Property investing demands involvement by you. For example, dealing with tenants, agents, trades people, accountants etc. Do you have the time?

2. Research into the real estate market is crucial before any purchasing decisions are made and takes considerable amounts of energy and dedication to ensure you are making a wise property purchase. Do you have the get-up-and-go to delve into this market?

3. With initial capital required and ongoing property maintenance costs, property investing requires a solid financial commitment with flexibility in your budget to accommodate rate rises and unexpected expenses that can come along. Profit doesn’t come easily with a long-term asset strategy, so you’ll need patience and time to generate revenue from your property. Are you willing to go the distance?

Would a DIY super fund suit me?

Self-managed super funds or DIY super is becoming a popular and fast growing sector in the superannuation market. However, they are not suited to everyone. Understanding how self-managed super works before moving away from traditional offerings is fundamental to ensure that you’ll have what you need when you retire.

Individuals or families looking for more control of their super investments, with lower fees, increased flexibility and effective tax strategies are making the switch to self-managed funds. It gives them the ability to pool their resources with other family members and can offer estate planning benefits too.

You can start preparing today with our 5 steps to get ahead

1. Stick to a budget
2. Have a savings plan
3. Contribute towards your retirement transition
4. Review your insurance coverage
5. Have a reality check every 3 months

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