Take control of your super

SMSF Set up

Our team are specialists in Superannuation and SMSF and can help you determine strategies to boost your investments, including deciding whether an SMSF is right for you. The earlier you develop an interest in your super savings, including combining super, searching for lost super and making voluntary contributions, the more financially comfortable you will be in your retirement.

Our financial advisers can put you in control of your super and ensure it is working for you.

Here are five ways to manage and nurture your super, starting now:
  1. Track your super
  2. Make voluntary contributions
  3. Compare super funds
  4. Review your insurance cover
  5. Establish a salary sacrifice arrangement

SMSF Management

Starting an SMSF is about taking more control of your investments. iFinancial can help you set up a self-managed super fund, then guide your ongoing investment strategy to maximise tax-effectiveness and minimize costs.

We manage all aspects of SMSF like fund structure and setup, rollovers of existing SMSFs, investment strategy, administration and compliance. Our complete range of services is designed to keep your fund in control, up to date and fully compliant.

One of our qualified SMSF specialists will be able to determine whether an SMSF is right for you.

SMSF Borrowing

Superannuation forms a crucial part of a successful retirement plan, yet surprisingly for many people, it’s often treated as an afterthought. With our superannuation specialists, we assist clients plan their superannuation strategy, forming part of their highly important retirement plan. There are several financial strategies that can be utilised to ensure you are making the most of your super to achieve the retirement you’re dreaming of. With this goal in mind, contact us to understand what your retirement picture looks like and how to put a super plan into action to help get you there.

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