Estate Planning Made Simple

How will you leave your legacy?

We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know that it’s starting now. Ensuring you have professional assistance in documenting an estate plan that leaves your legacy to your desired beneficiaries is crucial.

Without careful attention and expert advice, the legacy you leave behind, no matter its size, may be reduced or even cause unnecessary tax liabilities to be passed on to your intended beneficiaries.

What is truly important?

At iFinancial, we regard estate planning as family wealth management and protection, where we manage succession strategies for wealth down the line. Our focus is not only on you as our client, but on what’s important to you – your family.

Estate planning can be a complex task. Taxation, legislation, superannuation, asset protection and associated costs are some of the matters you need to consider when undertaking a plan with an experienced financial planner.

In arranging your affairs, it’s fundamental to plan your estate to ensure your assets are inherited by the people you intend, and that they attract as little tax as possible.

The iFinancial approach to estate planning

To be successful, estate planning needs to focus on wealth preservation and transfer, and be consistent with your wealth accumulation, asset protection, retirement, career and business succession plans.

When undertaking a plan to protect your assets for the benefit of your family or friends, it’s important that your estate planning be properly addressed and regularly reviewed to correctly reflect your wishes.

At iFinancial Intelligent Solutions we understand that estate planning is an ongoing, needs based process and can assist you to:

  • Understand the process of estate planning
  • Identify and prioritise the objectives of your estate
  • Work through any sensitive issues surrounding family
  • Assess your circumstances and available options
  • Develop a strategy and formulate your estate plan
  • Take advantage of our ongoing review service and adjust your plan as required

There are no guarantees in life, so don’t spend your life intending to do something. Plan now.

An iFinancial consultant can help ensure your legacy is protected and ends up in the right hands.

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