Declare Financial Freedom

Declare financial freedom with Lifestyle Planning.

We believe prosperity in life comes through growth, and encourage our clients to grow their wealth on a daily basis. Why not start to make financial decisions, plan for your future and take the initiative to decide your journey through life?

What is iFinancial Lifestyle Planning?

Having an in depth understanding of your needs and goals is fundamental, not just to the way we work with you, but to the way you live your life.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming and confusing to picture your entire financial journey through each of life’s stages, so at iFinancial we break it down into smaller pieces.

Our Lifestyle Planning tool begins with a first step. An iFinancial specialist can help you calculate and forecast an appropriate plan to fit your individual requirements, regardless of the size of your assets and complexity of your finances or investments.

Lifestyle Planning allows us to examine your lifestyle requirements at critical points throughout your life, e.g. buying a new home, starting a family or planning for retirement. We will review your current financial position, measure any financial and general life risks and strengthen your protection solutions as required.

Following a consultation with an iFinancial Intelligent Solutions planning expert you will feel confident in the way you manage your funds and have peace of mind that your financial future is under control and secure.

You can start preparing today with our 5 steps to get ahead

1. Stick to a budget
2. Have a savings plan
3. Contribute towards your retirement transition
4. Review your insurance coverage
5. Have a reality check every 3 months

The future starts now.

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