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Wealth creation today comes in many different wrappers.

Like most of us, you probably would like to get ahead in your finances and may have considered investing as a possible strategy. Building wealth through capital growth and dividends, particularly over the long-term certainly has its benefits, but with the range of investment options available it’s difficult to know which way to turn. Shares, bonds, property, managed funds, superannuation – the list is extensive. Investment planning requires expert consideration and a clear set of objectives to reach your financial goals and manage your risk expectation.

Knowing where you’re headed makes getting there easier

iFinancial Intelligent Solutions works with clients to understand their needs. Prior to providing investment advice, we explore your investment objectives, family circumstances, any inheritance plans and assess your attitude toward risk. Only then do we create a suitable investment proposal.

Whatever your investment objectives, seeking the advice of a financial planner to help guide you through the investing process is not only a wise decision, but it also offers a significant benefit. iFinancial Intelligent Solutions have developed considerable expertise in this market and established extensive contacts across the industry. We provide the infrastructure, experience and professional practice to compete in today’s competitive investment market.

Invest in good advice. We can help you with investment planning

  • We work with you to identify your short-term, medium and long-term goals
  • We tailor an investment strategy to ensure you choose the right investments and asset mix to suit your needs and risk profile
  • We can help you decide how to allocate your personal and pension investments across different asset classes
  • We determine how your investments should be managed going forward

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