A Passion for Property

Picking the ‘hot’ investment spot.

When it comes to investing, the long-term outlook for residential property remains strong, making it a popular choice amongst investors looking to build a quality portfolio. As a tangible asset, not as volatile as shares, property has the potential to produce capital growth together with a regular income stream.

Planning your next property move

Investing in property is usually a long-term strategy, so it’s important to plan ahead, know what your financial goals are and ensure that the investment fits within your overall wealth creation strategy.

Whether you’re a first-timer or experienced investor, working with a professional team that can navigate you through finance, insurance and conveyancing matters is essential. It’s also important to seek advice about the type of property that will maximise your investment and not see you over commit yourself.

iFinancial Intelligent Solutions are experienced in advising clients on diversified investments. We work with you to ensure your property asset meets your investment criteria, we’ll provide you with the means to make the investment work for you, maximising tax benefits and minimising risk.

What should I consider before investing in property?

Your top three considerations – time, energy and capital:

  • Property investing demands involvement by you, dealing with tenants, agents, trades people, accountants etc. Do you have the time to dedicate to this?
  • Research into the real estate market is crucial before any purchasing decisions are made and takes considerable amounts of energy and dedication to ensure you are making a wise property purchase. Do you have the get-up-and-go to delve into this market?
  • With initial capital required and ongoing property maintenance costs, property investing requires a solid financial commitment with flexibility in your budget to accommodate rate rises and unexpected expenses that can come along. Profit doesn’t come easily with a long-term asset strategy, so you’ll need patience and time to generate revenue from your property.

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